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Since the launch of its first Butterfly branded hotel in 2008 at Prat Avenue in Tsim Sha Tsui, Butterfly Hospitality Group (BHG) has opened and managed five more hotels in Hong Kong within a decade.


With a focus on its heartfelt service, strategic location and stimulating design across all of its hotels, each Butterfly Hotel possesses its own character and flare that is uniquely distinguishable and provides its guests with the freedom of choice to create their own memorable experiences. BHG's array of offerings caters to the needs of all types of travelers in the market today.

Existing Properties




Page Hotels, a new line of lifestyle boutique hotels by BHG, is the Home of Urban Explorers. Originally an old tenement block with residential and retail elements, the site was purchased and re-developed into the very first hotel under the Page Hotel brand. Incorporating lifestyle elements such as coffee, travel, and photography, complimented by its chic modern interiors, the brand gladly opens its doors to energetic millennials and forward thinking travelers of today.


Page148, the first branch in Hong Kong, is conveniently located in Tsim Sha Tsui where food, entertainment, and shopping are within easy reach. This well-placed and well-thought-out hotel is certainly one of the hot picks in Hong Kong for travelers to stay at. Page8, Page Hotel's second branch located in Covent Garden, London, officially opened on December 2019.




Page Hotels has been featured in numerous international publications:

Existing Properties


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As a whole new brand concept developed by BHG, Page Common is more than just an artisanal coffee house. The space is designed to inspire people to travel and connect guests with locals. By incorporating lifestyle elements such as long communal tables and a variety of indie books & magazines for guests to enjoy, whilst serving an array of curated dishes and specialty coffees, we want our guests to feel right at home and linger for hours. In terms of its aesthetics, the architectural design of Page Common disrupts the traditional hotel lobby concept; the check-in lobby has been cleverly merged with the coffee house.


The coffee house's minimalistic design and large marble countertops aims to encourage banter between our guests, be it sharing coffee tips with the baristas, learning about the city's surroundings from a friendly local, or exchanging riveting travel stories with other hotel guests.