Our Business

Established in 2008 in Hong Kong, Butterfly Hospitality Group (BHG) is rapidly expanding across the city and the world over. Distinguished by its hospitality and service, highly accessible locations and welcoming character and design, BHG's remarkable financial performance is a true testament to its competitive edge. We develop, tailor, and manage boutique hotels, building on multiple strengths to expand our project management and hotel operation business. The Group has further extended its management arm towards the lifestyle boutique hospitality market by creating its very own brand, Page Hotels, with locations in Hong Kong and London. Working closely together with her parent company Chanco Investment Group (CIG), BHG has also released several property development projects, namely Page148 and ibis Central and Sheung Wan Hotel in Hong Kong, and Page8 in London.


With the collective strength of the Group's integrated sales and marketing efforts across the distribution platform, supplemented by outstanding revenue and yield management, BHG demonstrates remarkable achievement in high average occupancy and great cost efficiency which leads to high average Hotel Operating Profit Ratio.

High Average Occupancy

In 2018, all Butterfly branded hotels attained over 99.75% average occupancy, compared with the average of 92.26% of all other High Tariff B hotels in Hong Kong, according to the data from Hong Kong Hotels Association.

High Average Operating Profit Ratio

With the achievement of high occupancy supplemented by strong yield management, together with an array of operation efficiency and strategic cost-saving measures, Butterfly Hotels has earned a proven record of high average Hotel Operating Profit (HOP) ratio (percentage of hotel operating profit/ total revenue).

High Productivity & Cost Efficient

BHG manages with a set of innovative operational concepts, procedures and standards to guarantee that all properties under its management are operated in a standardized, efficient and consistently outstanding manner. Resource productivity is optimized with a centralized organizational structure. The model benefits operations with economies of scale, specialization and better cost control and savings. Benchmarking the employee-to-room ratio at approximately 0.7-0.8 per room according to market intelligence, Butterfly Hotels has been able to maintain an average ratio for all managed hotels at approximately 0.25-0.3 per room.

Amalgamated several pieces of land from No. 68-74 Bonham Strand West & No. 18-30 Des Voeux Road West to form a 14,580 sq.ft. site and redeveloped it into a hotel property of 220,000 sq.ft. with 550 rooms.

Specialized Project Management Skills

The team at BHG is well-versed in project management, with specialized skillset and experience in property development and hotel management. This is evident in the launch of ibis Hong Kong Central and Sheung Wan Hotel, two of the hotel properties designed and developed by BHG's parent company Chanco Investment Group (CIG). Opened in 2012, CIG was responsible for the management of the project, from design development to construction and to the completion of the project. With a wealth of resources and skillsets within its reach, accompanied by specialized experience in hotel project management, BHG will be there every step of the way to ensure your project runs smoothly, from commencement to operation.


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