Our Mission

At Butterfly Hospitality Group (BHG), our mission is to be always improving and creating a range of products that encourage our guests to participate in different cultures & experiences. We stand at the forefront of innovation and creativity within the hospitality sector striving for growth and longevity.

Freedom of Choice

With a strong ability to adapt to the needs of its guests and overall demand of the market, BHG is able to provide a world of possibilities for its guests. With considerable experience in developing and managing several hospitality brands across numerous locations in Hong Kong and now internationally, BHG's adaptive brand and operation strategy is one we pride upon.


This is evident in the brands we have under our belt – Butterfly Hotels, Page Hotels & Page Common. The Group provides our guests from all walks of life the opportunity to select what matters to them the most.

Innovation Meets Creativity

BHG’s ever-changing mentality allows itself to stay relevant and be at the forefront of innovation and creativity within the hospitality sector. The Group firmly believes in pushing boundaries, to be creative, innovative and, at times, unconventional to continuously introduce our guests with truly unique offerings that will not only enhance their overall customer experience, but add value to the operation.


As a testament to this, in 2008, BHG launched one of the very first boutique hotels in Hong Kong – with a focus on delivering quality stays without all the extra unnecessary amenities. After 10 years down the line, BHG is still a force to be reckoned with in the hospitality sector. In 2019, BHG has done it yet again by creating a lifestyle hotel concept that speaks to the millennials and modern travelers of today, cleverly merging a hotel lobby check-in with an artisanal coffee house. The ability to think-outside-the-box is engrained in our DNA, and through our relentless thirst for the new and creative ways of doing things, BHG will continue reaching new heights.

Manage for Longevity

Every brand deserves to tell its story for years to come and BHG seeks to make it happen by managing each and every one of its brands with the utmost care, safeguarding its longevity. The Group seeks to uphold each brand to the highest standard and in a consistent manner through experience.